Smart teaching solutions
Cloud-based Digital Learning Environment for Computer Science.
Automated grading of code and data assignments.
Made for instructors by instructors.
Stepik built as Cloud-based Digital Learning Environment for Computer Science. Automated grading of code and data assignments.
Compatible with any LMS using LTI
You can employ our assignments technologies in your existing learning management systems using LTI interoperability protocol.
Designed for Computer Science
Auto grading of programming and data science assignments. Supporting most popular programming languages and SQL.
Wide range of tools for helping your students get practice
More than 20 types of assignments, including randomized data sets, programming assignments, string regexps etc.

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Contact us for pricing was our very qualified and hard-working teaching assistant that has kindly agreed to instantly grade programming assignments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stepik made the process of course creation much faster and easier for our instructors team and definitely enabled a richer practice experience for the students.
Pavel Pevzner
Ronald R. Taylor Professor of Computer Science, University of California at San Diego
Stepik is a great platform to work collaboratively. Students can investigate about a topic in groups, summarize their research in a Stepik lesson, and include Q&As that are instantly evaluated and that other students can use to prepare the topic for the exam. At the end of the course, the volume of materials compiled, including automated exercises, is overwhelming! The discussion forum below each page of content is also very useful for the professor and other students to comment on or amend the published materials all along the course.
Sònia Casillas
Institut de Biotecnologia i de BiomedicinaUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona
JetBrains is delighted how Stepik platform helps people learn programming worldwide. We are excited to see how they work and how their technologies push education forward.
Sergey Dmitriev
Co-founder, President @ JetBrains.
20+ types of assignments
More than 20 types of assignments, including randomised data sets, programming assignments, string regexps etc.
Auto grading
Sophisticated assignment checking technologies, allowing for auto grading of programming assignments.
Peer-review available for open ended questions,
e.g. for checking math proofs.
Extended reports
Dive deep into your students' data using our
extended reports and rich REST API

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